What are the Underlyning Root Causes of your illness or disease?

Numerous factors (genetic and epigenetic) stress our organism thereby affecting its ability to maintain homeostasis. 

1.   Inherent factors:  genetic, free radicals, accident, premature aging

2.  Emotional Stressors: problematic/stressful/confrontational situations, financial burden/job loss, isolation / loneliness, frustration, dissatisfaction, emotional chock or trauma, grief, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, irritability etc.

3Bad Habits:  lack or excessive exercise, lack of sleep, lack of water (dehydration), lack of sunlight, mental and physical overwork, inadequate relaxation, poor oxygenation (poor breathing habits), poor bowel elimination, under/overeating, inadequate chewing 

4.Environmental:  reduction in the ozone layer, air pollutants, noise pollutants (planes, loud music), EMF EMR  (cell phones, computers, video games, TV’s, microwaves, dimmer switches, satellite dishes, smart meters), irradiation and ionization, power lines 

5Chemicals:  all synthetic and chemically altered products (manmade), cosmetics (synthetic materials); cigarette smoke, over abuse of medications (contraceptives, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory); cleaners and laundry detergents/ softeners (bounce sheets); air fresheners (Fabreeze) 

6.  Food additives:  herbicides, pesticides, artificial flavors/colors/sweeteners, preservatives; nitrite and nitrates. BHT BHA 

7.  Dietary:  refined / processed / fast foods, coffee, chocolate, all carbonated beverages, over consumption of sweets / deserts; all genetically modified foods.

“Disease is nothing else but an attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of morbid matter”
“Chronic disease is simply the inability of acute reactions to re-establish homeostasis”

good DIET + strong DIGESTION + complete ABSORPTION
healthy BLOOD + great CIRCULATION + efficient ELIMINATION

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