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RBC, WBC, Plasma Morphologies and OST Oxidative Stress Test 

                                      RBC, WBC and Plasma Morphologies

-Specifically, darkfield microscopy reveals the shape, size and any distortions of the red blood cells along with quality WBC relating to nutritional and environmental stressors (pH milieu)

-Possible undesirable bacterial, parasites, viral or fungal life forms and blood ecology patterns indicative of health or illness may be detected.

                                     OST Oxidative Stress Test  

         Dry Blood

-The resulting patterns seen in the dry blood under the bright field format reveal a characteristic ‘footprint’, thus, are predictive of certain generalized pathologies. 

-For instance, cases of advanced degenerative disease show very poor clotting and minimal fibrin formation with many white ‘puddles’ disseminated throughout the sample. In contrast, a healthy control subject's blood shows a tight, fibrin-rich clotting pattern with no white puddles.