Make your Live Blood Session your First choice.....not your LAST resort!

Who can benefit from Live Blood Screening

If you are looking for that little nudge to help you make the necessary dietary

and lifestyle changes, then a Live Blood Screening is exactly what you

need. During the session, we study/evaluate the shape, structure and motility of

the RBC, WBC along with other properties in the plasma.  It is to date one of the

most utilized tool by holistic MD's, osteopaths, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors

and certified nutritionist in preventative medicine.


The bloodstream is a river of life transporting nutrients and oxygen as well as move toxic waste products for elimination via the excretory organs. Re-establishing the pH is the main objective in obtaining optimal health. Live Blood enables you to fully understand the importance on maintaining an alkaline pH.

Window to a Hidden world...what can be seen?

free radical damage
digestive insufficiencies
food intolerances
bowel conditions

environment sensitivities
depression, anxiety and panic attacks
migraines, dizziness
weight gain or loss
skin issues
sleeping disturbances
allergies, sinus problems
parasite, bacteria, virus, yeast and candida
serum and cholesterol crystals
uric crystals
mineral loss, calcium leakage
hormonal imbalances - adrenal, thyroid, pancreas, gonads  
MUCH MUCH more.....

1.  Is the condition caused by deficiency or poor absorption of nutrient and what must be done to get better? 
2.  Is the condition caused by something to avoid (allergies or hypersensitivities)?
3.  Is the condition caused by something that needs to be detoxified or cleansed - liver, bowel, spleen, lymphatic, blood?
4.  Is there a maladaptive emotional behavior or a core belief that impedes persistent progress/recovery such as emotional event that has been imprinted into the nervous system/autonomic nervous system?
. Is there an interference field that is preventing healing/restoration such as scar from injury or an infection, trauma, burn, surgery, vertebral subluxation?

                                 Addressing the terrain is the simplest way to reclaim your health!