The Science behind Dark Field Microscopy and the Understanding of Pleomorphism

Dr Enderlein discovered that when the microfloras in the body are in harmony, there is corresponding health. In that state protits, which are seen as tiny motile particles in a darkfield, live symbiotically within the RBC’s, WBC’s, blood plasma and tissues.

Dr Enderlein was highly criticized by the Nazi party. His life was characterized by difficulties, personal sacrifices and persecution by the medical establishment.

Dr Gunther Enderlein’s research has revealed the following:

  1. The cell is not the smallest visible living unit, but rather the colloid. This colloid has been termed the protit by Dr Enderlein.
  2. Proof that, bacteria have a nucleus or nucleic equivalent (mych).
  3. Proof of the sexual propagation of bacteria.
  4. Scientific proof of pleomorphism in microbes.
  5. Proof that the blood is not sterile or germ-free as previously and currently presumed.
  6. Disease means symbiotic disturbance or dysbiosis.
  7. Certain microorganisms undergo an exact, scientifically verifiable growth cycle, the cyclogeny. This has also been proven more recently by Gaston Naessans. Their highest form of evolution is frequently a fungus, and can also be a bacterial form.
  8.  Apathogenic microorganism, can mutate into higher, disease related, toxic phases of development, depending on the effects of trauma from diet, chemicals, radiations and emotions.
  9. Each transition through a single cyclogenic stage of development progresses in leaps and is termed a cyclode.
  10. Pathogenic microbes can be reverted to their lowest, primitive development stage and them be excreted by the body

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Dr Gunther Enderlein