Make your Live Blood Session your First choice.....not your LAST resort!

"Sue Pellerin truly cares about every client she has.  She is passionate about what she does. Some of her testing has prompted clients to pursue further medical testing...resulting in the diagnosis and treatment of serious illnesses while still in early stages.  Two years ago, I had persistent stomach discomfort and went to see her.  She did a live blood analysis, and suggested  a natural protocol (which I found in a health food store) and it took care of the problem within two days.  I believe she plays an important role in our proactive health sector. ‘Marie Whitehead  Sudbury, On

Sue is a "Master" in the field of Nutritional Microscopy; her knowledge and experience is vast in this field.  Sue's caring and her compassionate approach is second to none!!  Sue has put me on the road to "improved health" and given me the "peace of mind" knowing that I'm heading in the right direction.  Rochelle  Cartier   Parry Sound, On

"I have been a client of Sue Pellerin for over 10 years.  She has helped me correct ongoing health issues lingering for decades and guided me in maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.  In my experience, Sue is always bang on in picking up my problem without even uttering a word....."let me snoop first as she would say".  Her recommendations are simple and she always cares about it being cost effective.  Sue is one the of the most pleasurable and down to earth person you could meet".  Yvonne Mousseau   Sudbury, On

"Sans prétention ici, je suis convaincue que Sue m'a sauvé la vie. J'ai rencontré Sue il y a une vingtaine d'années déjà à North Bay.  Une amie m'avait parlé du travail de Sue et j'ai trouvé cette idée d'une analyse de sang fort intéressant.  J'ai alors fait un rendez-vous et j'ai été très impressionnée de ses connaissances et de son parcours dans la vie.  En 2013, je retourne la voir pour une raison spécifique que je ne lui dis pas. Je veux savoir si elle trouve cette anomalie d'elle-même.  Évidemment, elle trouve le problème et me suggère un protocole et après deux semaines, le problème disparaît complètement! J'ai évité une opération sérieuse, j'en suis convaincue. C'est ici que je crois que Sue m'a sauvé la vie! Je crois dur comme fer, que Sue a une expertise sans pareil. Je la recommande à toutes celles et ceux qui développent un petit problème de santé et qu'avant de subir des conséquences sérieuses, de passer au bistouri, de se retrouver avec une liste infinie de médicaments, etc. , de faire un rendez-vous avec Sue et j'accepte volontiers de les accompagner!  Merci Sue, tu es toute une inspiration pour l'humanité"! Anita Corriveau  NB, On

I started getting live blood analysis about 7 years ago. It was a great experience from the start and I continue to do so still today and on a regular basis.  After my first visit with Sue, I was able to get off my cholesterol medication that I had been on for over 12 years and it hasn’t been an issue since. I also found out that I may be a candidate for breast cancer  in the future, hence the reason for mammograms every 3 months (yes high risk). But with the help of Sue,  and her recommendations,  I had to taking care of the parasites in my body and my last mammograms were clear. Over the years I’ve managed to eliminate toxins, parasites, yeast, and whatever else a body accumulates over time, and all through live blood analysis and for the most part it’s all natural remedies that they recommend. If anyone is ever at wits end with their doctors making guinea pigs out of them with medication, I STRONGLY recommend, even once, getting live blood analysis done. Only then will you see how wonderful and healthy you can actually be. Thanks to you Sue Pellerin for your knowledge and getting me back on a healthy track, NATURALLY.  Sylvie Beaudoin  Bonfield, On